Magnetic USB Cable FAQs

Thank you for your interest! Here are all the FAQ's for our Magnetic Charging Cables.

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We carry two different magnetic charging systems, and they are not compatible with each other.

Our most popular system, the WAYPOINT EZMAG MAGNETIC USB CABLE, is a 4 foot cable which offers magnetic charging cables, tips for IOS, Android, and now USBc, as well as pre-ordering for a 6 foot and a 9 foot version. All variants are available separately. It is available here:

Our other system, the MAGNETIC USB CABLE, is a 3 foot cable which offers magnetic charging cables as well as tips for IOS and Android. All variants are available separately. It is available here:

The cable is compatible with USB 3.0 devices but will only operate at USB 2.0 speeds. Please be aware that even though the plug appears different USB 3.0 on phones, will still accept a micro USB 2.0 tip.

Modern electronics are not impacted by magnets used in phone cases, magnetic phone holders, or magnetic charging. The Apple MagSafe 2 Connector (used on the MacBook Pro) is 2200 Gauss, a stronger magnet than the 1400 Gauss of our charging cords. Smart phones have been tested with magnets of 10500 gauss and higher, with no impact on the workings of the phone. 

Having a tip that is inserted into the phone with the intention of it remaining there has been shown to aid in keeping the charging port clean, keeping dust and particles from entering your phone, and eliminates wear and tear on the port. 

The portion of the cable that goes into your device may be directional. If you are having an issue with it, please try reversing the direction. It will fit in both ways for Apple devices, but it will only work when inserted in the proper direction.

Standard cases work fine with our magnetic charging systems.  However we can't  guarantee that a thick (Life Proof type) case, or a waterproof case, will be compatible with our cable. We have had customers tells us they are using our cable successfully with their Otterbox case, or sometimes with a slight alteration to their LifeProof case.  

This stock is rotating quickly and new shipments are coming weekly. If you have placed an order and do not have tracking information within 2 business days it is because we are out of stock and waiting on an order. We are receiving orders from our manufacturer weekly so even if we are out of stock it is only for a few days!

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